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Sean Waters

Nate Hoff

Steve Dinesen

Robert Kelley


General Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Consultant

I have always been passionate about renewable energy and sustainability. So, when I got the opportunity to enter the solar industry 10 years ago, I jumped at it. I became a solar installer and over the years have installed thousands of systems. Climbing my way up the ladder from a solar installer to now the CEO of Sun Driven Solar. In 2017, I decided to start my own company, Sun Driven Solar. We started off small, in my garage off State Street in Boise. It's been an incredible journey ever since! I have poured everything I have into this business and it has been a source of immense pride for myself and the employees of Sun Driven. The results speak for themselves - Sun Driven Solar is now a thriving business with amazing employees and TONS of satisfied customers. I'm proud to be part of the growing solar industry and working hard to make renewable energy accessible to all in Idaho. This is just the beginning - we're looking forward to many more years of success! Here's to a brighter future!

Hey, Im Sean Waters. I am the General Manager at Sun Driven Solar with a track record of success in the solar industry. I have been actively involved in the solar industry for 8 years, and during this time I have successfully overseen 800+ projects and implemented a range of innovative strategies to maximize efficiency. I am passionate about providing clean energy solutions to our community. My passion extends far beyond this as I love to spend my free time camping and riding dirtbikes. My fascination with building things also drives me to use innovative techniques when implementing solar projects.

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My name is Steve Dinesen , I work for Sun Driven Solar in Boise Idaho . I am a Solar Consultant Specialist ,and i am eager to help all customers create an cleaner ,more reliable and less expensive source of energy . I believe in transparency and integrity in all business i and my company are involved in . I have lived in Boise for nine years now . I am originally from California where i was a Masonry Contractor . I have been a Finance Manager for the last eleven years . I love Idaho and I am an avid skier and sports fan . I look forward to meeting and helping many new customers in the future .

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Cesar Acuna

Franklin Brien

Tyler See

Sales Consultant

Project Manager

Installation Manager

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I started my solar journey in the summer of 2021 after parting ways with a larger construction industry and was quickly hooked by the culture surrounding renewable energy. Growing up in Boise has always kept me close to the outdoors and taught me the privilege of living sustainably. Sun Driven Solar is here to connect more people to solar energy and help them take on that privilege. Giving you options to manage your home power consumption. I am here to bring customer satisfaction and transparency to the solar installation experience. Eager to add to the growing legacy of residential solar across the Treasure Valley!

Hi, I'm Cesar I'm all about delivering high-quality installations and building strong client relationships. I believe in customizing solutions that meet their unique needs and inspire trust. My enthusiasm is contagious, motivating my team to take on new challenges and strive for excellence. Above all, I'm committed to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints, because I believe in a brighter and cleaner future.

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Brad Upton

Alec Carson

Installation Tech

Installation Tech

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I have been in the valley for about 7 years and have seen so many changes that I wanted to help make positive change myself. I also love being physically active and staying fit while trying to help keep the environment healthy through sustainable living. So I got into the solar business to help make the treasure valley a cleaner greener place for all to live .

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