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Quality Solar Installations

Sun Driven Solar is the Treasure Valley's premier local solar company dedicated to building accurate and efficient solar systems for everyone! We offer a wide variety of solar services and expertise to drive all your solar needs!


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Battery Backup


Idaho net metering

Net Metering is a program through Idaho Power which allows you to push your excess solar power through your meter spinning it backwards. Every kWh you push through the meter you gain a kWh credit on your account. These credits can be used at night or when production is low to keep you at a net zero effect with Idaho Power.


30% Federal Tax Credit

If you install a solar system on your residence before during or before 2022 you are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit.

  • You have up to 4 years to claim your 30% Federal tax credit

  • You must be currently working to receive tax liability in order to utilize the tax credit.

  • Along with a federal tax credit, Idaho has state deductions for you as well.

  • The state tax deduction is broken up over a 4 year period and worth up to $1,350 dollars!


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