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Beating inflation by going solar.

Let’s talk about how solar can beat inflation.

Let's go back five to ten years…

If you could have locked your gas prices in five to ten years ago would you do it?

Would you rather lock in those gas prices at $2 per gallon back then? Yeah I definitely would want to lock those gas prices in! This is comparable to Energy prices. Energy prices have risen over the years just like gas prices. So would you want to lock your energy prices in?

BTW - if you don’t want to read this then you can watch the video here

Lock in your energy prices

Your power rates have gone up anywhere from one to ten percent over the past five to ten years so this is where solar can beat inflation right here you get to lock in your energy prices with solar panels and avoid those rate hikes from the power company in the in the next 5 10 20 years that's one way solar can beat inflation.

The Value of Your Solar Production Over Time

Another way that solar can beat inflation is over time! You install solar right now and like we just said, energy prices are going up & up and they're always going to go up from the power companies. That means the value of your solar production over time is going to increase five years from now, 10 years from now, or 20 years. The value of your solar production is higher throughout the course of time. That's another way solar is beating inflation.

Renting vs Owning your Power

A third way that solar is beating inflation is renting versus owning. This is a concept that a lot of homeowners can understand here, you have the option to own your power with solar or you could continue renting your power to Idaho Power or your power company.

There's two ways that you can pay for your Solar System. Paying cash up front or you could use our financing with zero down financing where you don't put any money down and the payment that you would pay towards the solar panel system is the same as what you would pay to Idaho Power. Now that payment is going back into the house and it's adding value to the house immediately from when the solar system is installed or you could just continue paying that $100 to Idaho Power and you'll never get that money back. Ever.

Added Value to your home

One thing to consider with this is the added value to the house immediately or five ten years down the road. The solar panels add value to your house and you have to make sure that you include that into your projections. Sun-driven solar is a pearl certified company so Pearl is a third party platform that is backed by the US Department of Energy, National Realtor Association the appraisal Institute and like 15 different things that it's backed by. When you go to sell the house or refinance the house they make sure you get the added value of the solar panels when that happens. Say you're financing your solar panels at $100 per month and 10 years down the road you go to sell your house. Now you paid $100 a month for 10 years and now you're going to get the added value of the solar system back into your pocket when you do sell the house plus all that money you’ve put into your solar system.

Asset vs Liability

This brings up the concept of assets versus liabilities, solar is an asset! It adds value to your home with the same money you would have been paying to Idaho Power! You have the choice to NOT RENT your power from Idaho Power but to OWN YOUR POWER!

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