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Solar Warranties and What To Look For

There are different types of solar warranties that can range from product warranties, production guarantees, and workmanship warranties.

The solar panel product warranty

This is considered frame to frame anything physical like the aluminum frames or any discoloration of the solar cells that's going to be covered in the frame to frame warranty. It can be anywhere from 12 to 30 years and you'll see that in the spec sheets on any kind of system that you have

The Degradation Guarantee

the first year degradation around two percent so that first year is going to be your heaviest hit on your degradation of the solar panels after that it's going to be point five percent degradation year after year so around the year 25 Mark you're looking at about an 85 percent guaranteed production of the nameplate rating inverter product warranty solar Edge comes with a 12 year standard warranty can be extended to 20 to 25 in phase at 25 year standard warranty Generac at 12 years

Workmanship Warranty

This is a big one! This is going to cover any damage to your property from improper installation anything the installer touches is covered by the workmanship warranty so if there's any kind of leak the call is in the roof that's going to be covered in the workmanship warranty it's very unlikely that a leak will happen but in the event that it does happen that's covering the workmanship warranty everything is covered from anything that we touch and any damage

Who's going to pay for your service call when there's a manufacturer warranty?

Say your inverter goes bad, this is how it goes down…

- You first get a notification from your monitoring app or an email letting you know there is a failure. You call us up and say hey, I got a notification from my monitoring device saying that my inverter is malfunctioning. We see it remotely first and say hey yep it looks like it is. We will get to your house to diagnose it then call the manufacturer. Manufacturer will then ship us a new inverter and we'll come back out and replace that new inverter for free. Free of charge because we are the company that installed your solar project we will do that for free.

If you have any questions regarding your solar project or solar questions in general we would be happy to answer them!

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